Three of the nation's most innovative and respected marriage-strengthening organizations have come together to build the ultimate resource for helping "nearlywed" and newlywed couples start strong and build a great marriage.
We call it…PREPARE To Last.

Considered one of the most sought-after couples in the area of marriage and family enrichment, Jeff and Debby McElroy offer a variety of conferences that have been used across the nation to revive the family and unite the family of God.

Combine the antics of “tool time,” the hard hitting
challenges of Vince Lombardi and the poignancy of a Hallmark commercial and you’ve got the idea of what you'd experience at one of their conferences.

After exploring this site we're sure you'll see what churches like Willow Creek Community Church in Chicago have seen. They've invited Jeff and Debby to lead their annual marriage retreat for the last four years because they're a real couple, with real answers, for the real issues of everyday life.

Whether for a Marriage Tune-Up Conference, a Home Improvement Family Conference, a Corporate Conference, their methods may vary but their message is the same… It's about family, it's about hope, it's about time.

David H. Olson, Ph.D. is President of Life Innovations and Professor Emeritus from the University of Minnesota and Karen Olson is Vice President. Working as a team, David creates couple programs and Karen manages the outreach nationally and internationally.

The PREPARE/ENRICH Program is the foundation of the PREPARE To Last program and the Couple Checkup. PREPARE/ENRICH is used by over 65,000 clergy and counselors to prepare pre-marital couples for marriage and to enrich married couples. Over 2 million couple have taken this program nationally and one-half million internationally.

MarriageToday, founded by Jimmy and Karen Evans, is called to establish, strengthen, save, and restore family and marriage relationships through a message of healing, restoration, hope and encouragement.

The Dallas-based organization is committed to providing families with the teaching and tools they need to succeed through its television broadcast, literature, resources, seminars and the internet. The television broadcast is seen each day throughout America on the ABC Family Channel, the Daystar television network and other outlets.

Jimmy Evans is a widely sought-after speaker and author. His numerous books include: Our Secret Paradise; Marriage on the Rock; and 7 Secrets of Successful Families.

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