You can, because three of the nation's most innovative and respected marriage-strengthening organizations have come together to build PREPARE To Last, the ultimate resource for helping "nearlywed" and newlywed couples start strong and build a great marriage.

The comedic, drama-based teaching of Jeff & Debby McElroy, founders of Forever Families.

PREPARE/ENRICH — has created a new online assessment, the Couple Checkup, based on the work of Dr. David Olson.

Support and production assistance from the producer of the nationally televised award winning broadcast, MarriageToday with Jimmy & Karen.

Couples, counselors and clergy will find a full spectrum of user-friendly tools for launching a lifetime of fulfillment and relationship success.

PREPARE To Last Couple Checkup: a powerful online relationship assessment tool fashioned after the successful and highly regarded PREPARE/ENRICH resource created by Dr. David Olson.

A Series of Three Interactive DVDs: featuring entertaining and yet enlightening teaching and drama by Jeff and Debby McElroy addressing such topics as expectations, communication, conflict resolution, finances and much more.

Audio Date Night CDs: guided date nights designed to give couples a fun experience while developing crucial relationship skills.

PREPARE To Last Couples Workbook: you receive two of the workbooks including exercises, insights and practical information to prepare couples for lasting success.

Covered topics include:

  • communication
  • conflict resolution
  • sex and intimacy
  • finances
  • marital expectations
  • families of origin
  • personality differences
  • spiritual unity
  • husband/wife roles

Check out samples from PREPARE To Last...

Download the first chapter from the workbook (in PDF format).
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Watch a sample clip from the first session.
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Discover the benefits of PREPARE To Last...

Starry-eyed couples, potentially blinded to sources of future conflict,
get an eye-opening "reality check."

Before couples even deal with the first subject in the resource, they take an online Couple Checkup. Based on years of research of thousands of couples, the Couple Checkup gives the premarital couple an objective look at the strengths and areas for growth in their relationship based on their own perceptions concerning their relationship.
This tool provides a powerful "reality check," which leads to a much more teachable couple.
Success principles are delivered in a fun and engaging way.
The solid, proven fundamentals of this resource are delivered through the entertaining style of popular speaker/humorists Jeff & Debby McElroy. The lessons are easy to understand, and enjoyable to experience.
Parents and loved ones can give the most important gift a couple can receive—a strong start on a life of love and friendship.
Making a marriage work has never been easy, but the forces tearing at couples today are fiercer than ever. But by giving the powerful resources bundled in PREPARE to Last, you can provide your favorite couple with proven tools that will set them on the road to a lifetime of relational harmony.

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