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We’re Passionate About Marriage!

Two of the top influencers on marriage – Jeff & Debby McElroy and Prepare-Enrich – have created what is considered to be the most innovative premarital preparation resource available for seriously-dating, engaged and newlywed couples. Prepare To Last is more than a book or video content. It’s an engaging relevant, interactive experience with great content, surrounded by great community.

Jeff and Debby

Jeff & Debby speak to thousands of couples yearly in churches and businesses across the country and internationally. As one of the most sought-after couples to teach on marriage, Jeff & Debby use their humor and creativity to provide sound, Biblically-based content delivered in an engaging way that inspires couples to a fulfilling, lasting marriage! For more information on their ministry, click here.



Founded in 1980 by Dr. David and Karen Olson, Pre­pare-Enrich has long been the most trusted provider of evidenced-based relationship assessments to over 4 million couples and counselors worldwide. Their Couple Checkup assessment was originally created specifically for Prepare To Last, and remains at the core of the experience, providing each couple with the ability to know what specific areas to work on most, and what strengths they should celebrate and build upon!

The Foundation Is Everything

Nearly/Newlywed ministry is crucial to a strong, lasting marriage. Research shows that couples who receive good counsel and help in the beginning of their marriage have a significantly lower divorce rate and report a much higher level of fulfillment than those who don’t. After working with couples for over 60 years, combined, we believe the basic dynamics of a couple’s marriage are established within the first three years, making that stage the most important of the entire marital journey. We want to help couples establish their marriage firmly in Christ, with a clear understanding of how to tangibly apply Biblical truths to their everyday life together. We believe marriage was created by God to be His way of illustrating the Gospel story, and we want to help couples tell that – the greatest Love story – as clearly as possible!

What is Prepare To Last?

A Retreat

The content was initially created by Jeff & Debby and Prepare-Enrich at the request of Chick-fil-A’s WinShape Marriage foundation for use as a nearly/newlywed experience at their WinShape Retreat. The McElroys have led that retreat multiple times a year for 15 years to sold-out groups. For more information on those retreats, click here.

A Resource

As word got out about the content being delivered at these retreats, churches and counselors began asking for it to be offered as a resource for couples beyond the retreat. Since then, it has been used by over 700 churches and counselors with over 10,000 couples. Now that content is being delivered online to make it available to couples worldwide’

A Relationship

Now redesigned and reproduced, Jeff & Debby’s teaching also includes discussions and application of their content by couples of various ages and ethnicities to provide a more interactive and engaging experience. The new Prepare To Last online community allows couples to encourage, engage and receive support from marriage mentors at any stage of their marriage journey’

Included in the online experience:

Couple Checkup® Relationship Assessment ($35 value)

10 hours of dynamic, engaging teaching

Extensive discussion questions for couple processing

Additional content and interviews from experts

Online community 

Marriage mentoring beyond the wedding 

Coupons for saving on wedding services upon completion

Certification of completion for reduced cost of marriage licenses (where available)

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